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Jay is very communicative and accomodating. He will literally go the extra mile to make sure you have any help that you need. (He acts like he really enjoys staying busy and helping guests and I believe that is sincere!). Remember this is a farmstay. The little house is rustic and historic. If you love vintage houses that are made into museums and have fantasized about staying in them, this is for you. The kitchen is in the garage next door and that’s a fine set-up! Very hospitable and pleasant experience all around. A good value, too.

-Margaret via AirBnb

This place was absolutely adorable! Perfect little touches making it truly feel like it was the 1900s still! The hosts are very informative & super attentive!

A vintage original little house. Very educational about farm living in an era gone by in a beautiful rural setting.

We spent some very nice days on the Larson farm and in the house from the year 1903. Pure nature, deeply breathed, and slept like in Abraham’s lap. Great hours at the rodeo in Dayton. A positive experience all around. Jay and Carol are great hosts, we missed nothing. Thank you very much.

This <place> was amazing! The farm was perfectly crafted and I loved that we could walk around and sight see. The mother immediately greeted us and showed us around the cabin telling us how the farm was built. The entire experience was great and I would definitely come back!

No it’s not the Hilton. It’s an old farmhouse and that’s the point. I just needed a place to sleep and arrived late in the evening expecting to just go to sleep. Instead I explored the farm at sunset, watched hummingbirds at their feeders on the porch, and then spent an hour reading about the farm’s history in a hand made binder and looking at all the interesting antiques in the farm house. If you want a modern place with all the luxuries stay at a hotel. If you want to have an experience give this a try. But do yourself a favor and arrive earlier than I did to enjoy the beautiful setting of this farm.

-Rob via AirBnb

Beautiful place, clean and peaceful. Owner is really kind, we had a nice welcome. The location is nice, enjoyable place

-Efrain via AirBnb

Great farmhouse, the stories behind this farm is outstandingly put together. So much to read up on about this house and the property. Loved loved looking at all the stars at night. If this location turned the lights off outside, I imagine the star gazing would be a game changer. Thanks for the stay, one of the easiest and most pleasent hosts we’ve experienced.

-Mark & Candice via Airbnb

We greatly enjoyed our stay at Jay’s place. The house was simply charming with many preserved historic and unique items. The location worked great for us as we were traveling through the state. As we knew from the property description the small kitchen area in the garage was sufficient for our needs. Jay was amazing host. He was very hospitable and even shared fresh delicious vegetables from his garden with us. If you like the stars you are at the right place- the night skies view is breathtaking.

-Margarita via AirBnb